Dyker Heights Real Estate

99 Bay 11th Street, Bensonhurst, NY 11228

[Bensonhurst Real Estate, listing number 7025419]

Description: 7025419
   Dkyer Heights a amazing huge house !!! The first time on the market! !! the super wide version is a fully independent 26x51 building size, the new 1960 builder`s favorite version, private parking , 40x96 lot, super invincible Walking-in two bedrooms Apartment, two bedrooms, living room, eating kitchen , plus backyard Beautiful swimming pool, 6 over 6 rooms on the second floor and third floor, three bedrooms and two bathrooms each floor, super spacious living room, dining room, customer kitchen, multiple windows, good sunlight , ventilation, great architectural style and excellent quality, low property, the family is original owner. near Dkyer park golf course, near Ps229, express bus to Manhattan, near 86th Street shopping malls and restaurants. It is a wonderful life time house spend time with your family and friends! Present offers With proof for funds and make is your dream home!!!

   Families: 2
   Bedrooms: 8
   Property Type: Multi-Family
   Built: 1960

   Price: $2,500,000


Michelle J. Zhang
Office: (718)612-3088

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